For software vendors with an established on-premises business, the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) brings both technology and business changes. Embracing SaaS is more than a product rewrite or pricing change. There isn’t any part of a company that isn’t profoundly impacted by the transition to the SaaS model.

Despite the magnitude of these changes, there are two main reasons why software vendors might decide to adopt SaaS: being the ability to growing the business with SaaS or to defending a business against SaaS players.

Whatever your reason, adding SaaS offerings to your product portfolio requires changing how you conduct your business.
The surest path to success lies in expanding the new SaaS business – either organically or through M&A – while maintaining focus and consistency in the legacy business.

We at Board Advisors have seen a wide range of SaaS transition strategies and have been in the midst of SaaS business model transformations as operators ourselves. We don‘t have a transferable master plans for your specific context, in fact, we believe such blueprints simply don’t exist.

We can join you on your journey and provide guidance by outlining strategic options, setting priorities and putting together the right implementation and change management plans to get it done.