We are experts at identifying the real drivers of improved performance and we provide hands-on support to our clients by focusing on the key changes which will have a material impact on value.

Typical project settings are clustered around two broad themes:

  1. Go-to-Market & Revenue Growth and
  2. Organizational Efficiency.


1. Go-to-Market and Revenue Growth


We help businesses launch indirect channel programs, diversify product lines, expand into new markets, and search for acquisition opportunities.


We implement practical and rapid improvements to sales strategies. We analyse the sales team’s capabilities, productivity, and coverage and provide data-driven analytics to grow top-line revenue and profit margins.


We conduct a thorough assessment that provides insight into how and where a business can improve its net margins. Our analysis helps companies increase profits through the right mix of pricing strategies, service-level changes, cost reduction, customer and product portfolio simplification, and geographic realignment.




Our experience is that often companies tend to build up structures over time, especially in periods of growth, which later turn out to be too costly. This organizational clutter comes in the form of unprofitable products or services, dysfunctional organizational structures, KPIs that do not align with strategic objectives, and objectives that are not grounded in compensation plans.

These inefficiencies lead to complexity that gums up, slows down the organization and leads to a sub-par profitability. We at Board Advisors have developed a comprehensive, yet simple and effective methodology not only to quickly identify areas of improvement, but also to build and execute a change roadmap.